Mr. Cream featuring Method Man & Quo — Change Your Mind [Prod. K-R.O.K]
Director: Ford4D • Executive Producers: Mr. Cream & Ford4D • Co-Director: Olise Forel • Directors of Photography: Andé Emilio, Nick Sosin & Olise Forel • Editor: Madeline Wall • Crew (A-Z): Andé Emilio, Chris Melendez, Cootchill Nelson, Giles Francis, Johan Pouilloux, Johnny Vacar, Nick Pabon, Nick Sosin, Olise Forel & Sun Bronx

Instrumental Composer: K-R.O.K
Re-Assembly & Mixing: Ford4D
Recording Engineers: Anthony “Acid” Caputo & Mr. Cream
Mastered by Ford4D at The 4DFoundation.

Special Thanks to Redman, Gilla House, DoItAll Kelly, 211 Media Group, Iceberg Vodka, Blue L, Americk Lewis, Rockland Equipment Rentals, La Rouge Lounge, Nick Pabon, Am Media Group, DJ Wallah, Eclectic Ales, Jeff Olanoff, Gabby & Onyeka.

Filmed on location at La Rouge Lounge & 211 Studios in Newark, New Jersey.


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