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REDMAN - Remixxes

9 Responses to “REDMAN – REMIXXES”

  1. Duckfooted says:


  2. DJ AXE says:

    Gat Damn!!!Str8 Fire!!!

  3. ultrabanger says:

    I could always jam redman’s first two albums, they got ultrabanger status in my mind

  4. Dude, these tracks are most def whack fantastac, truly the shiznik. I’ve done a few remixes myself, since production isn’t really my thing. I’ve tried it, with fruityloops and reason, etc, but the stuff I made just wasn’t anything. Using beats like this, already developed and known, makes it so much better when it breaks into the lyrics you’re throwing down. Keep on Keepin’ on, bruv, and maybe one day you’ll come back to NZ and sm0ke up with the boys ‘n me :P

    I also rolled up a hashroll, like you did at the Amsterdam cup (can’t remember which year). It was using the bottom of bottles to flatten down the hash and roll it out, then pack that full of the green goodness :>~

  5. JerseyProfit973 says:

    Thank you to the greatest muthafuckin MC to ever touch this microphone! Been as consistent as one MC can to you ungrateful ass fans! Do your Redman homework! You can put Doc on anybody track and it will get bodied! Check that verse on MC EiHT (Nuttin But The Gangsta),SWV, Every Redman Album, The Freestyle from Phat Jam before security got fucked up! My favorite MC in the whole wide world! Eminem MC list was REGGIE, Jay-Z etc but Redman was first! Salute Doc!

  6. [...] Muddy Waters 2 Mixtape…and if you want more from the Fuck Dr. Spock check out a gang of new remixxes on his newly launched website, where he spits over a bunch of popular [...]

  7. nothing could be finer than to wake up and bake up with the funk doc. great remixes meant to become classics. Good Lookin Reggie Nobles.

  8. lyrical Labratory says:

    A yo Reggie Noble aka Red Man yo This Shit is Fire My Nagga keep unloading them lyrical clips on th3y ass like a gatalin gun yo RedMan 1 of the Nest Mf MCess In the This Shit We Luv u Nagga holla At cha frog ….

  9. Chinky says:

    BIG FUCKIN BIG! Thanks for giving me a Monumental playlist for the Cannabis cup! BRICK CITY!! – Chinky

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